SimplyBonding simplifies SD-WAN.  We do everything for you.

SimplyBonding is a hosting service that allows you to bond multiple internet connections into one super fast, super reliable, unbreakable connection with minimal equipment and setup. 

Many routers support “failover,” which allows them to fail over to a secondary connection when one internet connection goes down, but you lose the connection during the switchover (and then you’ll have the same problem when the primary connection comes up again and it switches back). Failover also doesn’t aggregate the connections to make them faster or more reliable. Load Balancing routers can split the traffic load amongst multiple internet connections, but they do not aid in reliability or increase speed. Failover and load balancing are useful features, but they are NOT the same as bonding. 

A bonded internet connection solves all of these problems.

A bonded internet connection takes multiple internet connections and bonds them into one super fast/reliable connection. Unlike failover or load balancing, a bonded connection takes multiple internet connections and COMBINES them. If you have 3 internet connections that are bonded together and one goes down, your connected devices and apps will never know there was a failure - even apps that maintain persistent connections! 

The downside to a bonded internet connection has been that it’s very costly and hard to configure - until now…

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