SimplyBonding for Verizon One Talk

NO More Dropped Connections

Don’t allow your One Talk calls to fail during a failover!

Are your phone calls critical to your business? Are you thinking about getting a failover router? Or perhaps you already have a failover router, so you are good, right?  Not really.

Here is the problem: failover routers will disconnect your One Talk calls when your primary connection goes down and switches to cellular! And when the primary connection comes back up, your One Talk calls will drop again as the connection switches back from cellular to the primary. There is better way!

Announcing SimplyBonding for One Talk. Your calls will NOT disconnect when your primary internet goes down nor when the primary connection is restored. Your One Talk calls will never disconnect! And the rest of your network benefits, too, since our solution acts as a traditional failover router for non-One Talk traffic. This means that no matter what happens with your primary ISP, your One Talk calls can't disconnect and all your other internet activity seamlessly switches over to cellular. 

Our bundle includes all needed hardware, on-site installation and unlimited bonded SD-WAN data over the 24 or 36 month lease with no up front cost. If you are a Verizon Rep, you also get another activation. If you are recommending a failover router, be sure to do our test to see what happens to your One Talk call when your ISP goes down. Watch the video to see how One Talk calls are impacted during an outage when a regular router in use vs when SimplyBonding for One Talk is in place.

Are you ready to remove the fail from your failover?

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