Unbreakable VOIP

NO More Dropped Connections

We all know that VoIP is a demanding network application that requires the highest quality site to site links. Low quality links with high latency and jitter can make calls sound robotic and your company unprofessional. WAN link failures at a site stop all conversations dead, infuriating staff and customers alike – wasting both time and resources. 

High quality VoIP requires a high quality WAN connection, and those connections typically come at a much higher price - a problem for many users. 

SpeedFusion VPN = Resilient Connectivty

With SpeedFusion VPN technology from Peplink, you can create highly available, resilient site to site connectivity that’s perfect for VoIP. And by combining multiple commodity connections like DSL, FTTC and even cellular it doesn’t need to break the bank!

Resilience Built In

SpeedFusion VPN provides packet-level WAN failover between a pair of Peplink routers – a technology we call ‘Unbreakable VPN’ - where if a WAN link fails, traffic is immediately sent over avilable links. Since this happens at a packet (rather than session) level, your conversation can continue without interuption. 

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