SimplyBonding uses Peplink/'s Speedfusion technology to bond multiple 3G, 4G, DSL, or cable connections into one fast/reliable/unbreakable connection. Utilizing Speedfusion typically requires a Peplink router on both ends of the connection - one at the location where you need the bonded connection, and another at another location with a high-speed internet connection to bond the connections and send the data back to the primary location via VPN. SimplyBonding eliminates the need for this dual-router setup. SimplyBonding requires just ONE router, which will be configured to connect to our hosted service - WE handle the bonding and VPN for you!

SimplyBonding requires a Speedfusion-capable router, a one-time setup fee, and a hosting subscription that can be billed monthly, quarterly, or yearly. 

Router: You must use a Peplink or Pepwave router that supports Speedfusion and has the necessary ports/connections for the internet links you'll be bonding (e.g. WAN ports for cable/DSL, USB ports for USB modems, etc). Routers start at $599 and come preconfigured to use the SimplyBonding service - just plug in your internet connections and you’ll be ready to go! (If you already have a compatible router, we’ll provide you with the necessary information to set up your service). See all compatible routers or use our interactive router selection tool

Hosting subscription: SimplyBonding costs $100 - $250 per month (depending on bandwidth requirements), or you can choose to pay quarterly or yearly and save. All new users can test the service for FREE for 14 days!  

Setup fee: There is a one-time setup fee of $250 to get your SimplyBonding service provisioned and set up.

If you’re ready to get started, use our ordering page to select a router and subscribe to SimplyBonding.

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